We wish herein to clarify the requirements for investment programs in Canada. So we will be able to assess the eligibility of potential clients more effectively. Investment programs in Canada are either passive investment such as the Quebec Investment Program or active investment as in Manitoba or Prince Edward Island.

Business experience as well as personal networth determine the most suitable option for a client.

Prince Edward Island Entrepreneur program is an active investment option where a client promises to establish a business in PEI within two years of landing in Canada. After an application is approved, he will be required to pay a performance bond to the provincial government of $200,000 CAD. Should the client fulfil the agreement with the province within the prescribed period, he may get his money back. However, if a client chooses to relocate outside the province, the province will retain the bond. To qualify for such option, the applicant must have a personal networth of $600,000 CAD out of which $150,000 must be available cash. Additionally, the applicant must take the IELTS test and score at least CLB5

Given the above criteria, we invite our clients to contact us, in order to give them the appropriate advice for their inquiries.

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(Reference Al Pace Law Firm - Toronto - Canada)