Immigration to France


- France put restrictions on entry conditions in March 2020,

- following the explosion in Beirut, immigration conditions in France returned to those before the health crisis

There are basically four ways to immigrate to France:

  1. Through work:

 -an entrepreneur visa or

 -employee visa or

 -highly qualified visas such as the Talent Passport Investor visa

 -the establishment of a corporate representative visa

  1. By family relationship (French / EU spouse, or parent of a French minor)
  2. Through studies (by doing a master's degree in France, which then allows to potentially stay in France for the long term- permanent status)
  3. Through the visitor visa (the right to stay in France all year round, but without the right to work in France)


-For the Lebanese who are successful in coming to France, it is often the highly educated Lebanese, or those who work in technology.

- Masters in France is the surest way to get permanent status

-It is almost impossible to find an employer in France who is ready to initiate the long employee introduction procedure, unless the employer already has a relationship with the candidate.