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Canada continues to welcome an annual average of more than 250,000 immigrants from all over the world. The government of Canada is dedicated to economic growth, which is why they are recruiting more workers and new immigrants. Find out if you qualify and if your occupation is in demand with our easy Assessment. Apply today.
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Canada has become the BEST place for new immigrants to succeed socially, and economically, and to live longer with excellent, national healthcare! Canada ranks among the “top wealthiest and top quality-of-life” countries in the world, according to OECD Better Life Index.
Canadian Visa Expert is a private company that is not affiliated with the government of Canada. You can apply on the government site but you risk a full registration fee if you do not qualify for a Canadian Visa.
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Canada's economy is growing faster than that of the United States. The unemployment rate is substantially lower, which means more jobs opportunities.
Facts & Figures
35.3 mil.
Visitors per year
15.9 mil.
Renewable energy
16.98 %
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Our personal assessment will determine if you qualify for one or more of the Canadian visa immigration categories, and then help you step-by-step along the process of applying for the right Canadian Immigration Visa.
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