To get access to Europe easlily and without investing a large amount of money, SALAMAS Law found for its clients the good opportunity by signing a collaboration agreement with Almeida, Dias & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados SPRL, a famous law firm located in Potugal.

 this Firm offers the below services:

D2 Visa – The D2 Visa is an option for foreign citizens who intend to invest in Portugal by means of establishing a company or to exercise independent professional activity (the applicant must sign a contract for services with a company in Portugal). This visa is valid for one year and renewable for periods of two.


D7 Visa – The D7 visa is an option for foreign citizens who are retired, as well as for foreign citizens who have an income from renting properties or from financial applications.


The D7 visa applicant shall demonstrate that the monthly income received is, at least, 600 Euros, the equivalent to the Portuguese minimum monthly wage. This visa is valid for one year and renewable for periods of two.


Golden Visa – The Golden Visa program allows citizens from outside the European Union to invest in Portugal and consequently obtaining a temporary residence permit.


This program grants the Visa holder and close relatives, in equal terms, the right to live and work in Portugal, benefit from free circulation within the Schengen Area (of 26 European countries) and, later on, if the applicant wishes, apply for a permanent residence permit or even the Portuguese citizenship.


There are several different requirements to apply for a Golden Visa, being the most common the acquisition of real estate in the amount of € 500.000,00 (Five hundred thousand Euros) or over;

For those who are interested to apply to Portugal immigration program, kindly contact us to make the assessment.

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