HOW TO GET a Consultation?


Our clients are foreign and Lebanese individuals, corporations, and organizations who are interested in learning about immigration processes.


It is the goal of SALAMAS MIGRATION LAW FIRM to consult, advise, and represent clients on Immigration Rules and Procedures before they embark on Corporate business, tax or other legal procedures, in order for them to live and work outside. If they “put the cart before the horse,” by first coming to the destination and immediately following Corporate or other legal procedures, this may be the incorrect path. Then, if they start to obtain Immigration advice, it may involve Corporate, business, and tax restructuring, which can be costly and time consuming to the client.


Every case is different and, as such, those differences direct our type of representation.

Arrange a Consultation

Please contact us by phone or email to arrange a consultation. We offer consultations in a variety of communication methods, including:


Phone Consultation – Potential and existing clients may contact SALAMAS MIGRATION LAW FIRM by telephone directly for a scheduled convenient phone consultation. Our phone number is +961 3 424172.


Office Consultation – Potential clients may arrange a consultation with Attorney Salam SAMAD or one of SALAMAS MIGRATION LAW FIRM’s Associate Attorneys. Our office is located in Beirut / Lebanon and Dubai / UAE.


Video Conference Consultation – SALAMAS MIGRATION LAW FIRM can effectively and uniquely have a presence in any major city worldwide. SALAMAS MIGRATION LAW FIRM achieves this through high-quality video conferencing between our attorneys in our office, and our clients anywhere in the world. The professional interaction offers substantial benefits to our clients, allowing efficient communication and, “a meeting of the minds: a complete understanding.”