In order to examine the manner in which public authorities in Lebanon provides service and information to the public, a visit to the Ministry of sports and events was made by Our law firm.
   The task prepared prior to the visit was to collect qualitative as well as quantitative data on the procedures of establishing a sports-club in Lebanon. It was decided that we would pursuit the idea of establishing a sports club, specialized in volleyball and football, located in the several region of Lebanon.

   – The objectives of the firm throughout this task was to observe the manner by which the public institution would provide information to general and specific questions.
   – These questions involved matters such as the requirements, procedures and time frame that was needed to establish a sports-club in Lebanon.
   – The questions prepared beforehand will be directed towards the head of department. Our firm, nonetheless, will also aim to gain a diverse approach to the questions at hand and will try to involve more than one participant in our research.
   – In doing so we anticipate to collect data in the form of official state documents and the like

  – The ministry successfully provided data in the form of official government documents on the requirements and procedures needed to begin the establishment of sports-club.
  – These documents were obtained from both the head of department at the public institution as well as from regular officials.
  – Moreover the documents were well explained by the officials we encountered. Not only would they elaborate on the questions we asked, but also provide examples to ensure understanding between both parties.
  – During our visit, we also encountered critique of the current state of the ministry. This was refreshing in many ways as it reflected that the institution was aware of its own weaknesses. These include language barriers in the sense that all the information was given in Arabic.

  – The officials that we encountered during our visit to the ministry were reluctant to speak in english. This meant that a language barrier could easily arise for   future visits by foreigners.
  – In addition, the documents that was provided were all written in Arabic. In this sense, access to information was limited for foreigners visiting the ministry or wishing to issue a request for establishing a sports-club.
  – On this basis, our firm has reached the following conclusion: The ministry of sports and events provides to a certain extent access to general information regarding official procedures.
  – However, this access to information is primarily in arabic. If this can lead to limit certain groups of society to access general information, our firm stress the need to remove language barriers from official procedures such as those performed at the ministry of sports and events.
  – This could for instance be through issuing a translation of the same official documents inFrench and/or English.