In order to satisfy our clients, SALAMAS Law opened new rooms for investment. Based on, we signed an agreement with Nexia BT, a famouns firm, that was established in 1992. Basically, Nexia BT is an audit, tax and advisory firm providing a full range of financial and advisory services to a diversified client base. Nexia BT is a well-known and one of the largest firms in Malta providing immigration, corporate and financial services to a worldwide clientele.

 The main services are as follows:

 Trading and holding structures;

  • Investment Funds and Trusts;
  • Aviation and Yacht leasing structures;
  • Maltese Residence and Citizenship Programs; (EU Programmes)
  •     Bank account opening;
  • Business and Blockchain Advisory;
  • Investment opportunities in Malta.

 An increasing number of Lebanese nationals turn to Nexia BT’s residency and citizenship programs when they are :

 Seeking for Temporary or Permanent Residency for life because of the safety issues/fears they are facing in their countries

  • Frustrated with their current residency status in their country since the outcome of their future life including children is unclear
  • Seeking the right to include spouse, children, parents and grandparents who will automatically get passport and residency permit
  • Searching for faster access to Schengen/EU countries due to business/family reasons
  • There is no peace of mind regarding a potential emergency related to health care themselves or a family member.
  • Seeking a better future for their children; thus, better education in Europe (school/university

For those who are interested in the program above, kindly contact us on: 00961 3 424172 , email:; in order to make an assessment.