I cant thank you enough with what you have accomplished in the last five month, I am so glad I met you and proud to have you as my attorney. I left Lebanon in 1974 and since then I lost all faith with our country, dealing with other lawyer and our ministries. I feel that Lebanon has a chance for change with young generation like you.


Thank you and I hope to hear more good news from you.

All the best 



My experience with Mr. SalamAbdel Samad Law Firm was very positive, kind & constructive considering the potential negativity of a divorce proceeding.The extreme proficiency of the firm & its staff afforded me the gift of having my life return to normal & betterthan ever!!  If you want an attorney that is streamlined, knowledgable & assertive, Mr. Salam Abdel Samad is for you! 


Mr. Salam Abdul Samad handled my case with excellence. We found our initial consultation to be informativer, valuable and personable. This really helped us get through the tough issues and get a handle on the case at hand. Going forward with the matter clear in our minds made all the difference in the world.
There is more to handling family law issues than just the cold matters of law and it is obvious Mr. Salam Abdel Samad understands this.  The staff is warm, personable and sincere. Everyone worked hard to handle the issues in a timely and very professional manner.  During difficult times, this matters more than one would think at first glance.

We are happy to recommend Mr. Salam Abdel Samad Law Firm. 


Thank you Salam - but the gratitude is with me - I love your staff and all they did - and miss you also. I know better than anybody the work you have done and just wanted to let you know that. Let us see what happens.  And if all things come to pass I may return and  work on projects great and small.