Salamasdu International Consultancies provides services to startups, inventors, founders, and anyone interested to protect their Intellectual Property and start the right way on the Path of Success.

Services include but are not limited to:

Company Formation 

  •  Incorporation of your startup in your preferred country
  •  Post-incorporation Setup (Company Bylaws, Stock Issuance, etc.)
  •  Issuing Board Consents, Equity incentive Plans…
  •  Providing you with all required documentation and contracts

Patent Protection and Counseling

Our patent and innovation attorneys are experts in global patent portfolio development and management for a variety of life sciences clients, including start-ups, established biotechnology corporations, and multinational pharmaceutical and medical device corporations.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of performance on behalf of our clients and we ensure they receive the best possible experience by providing best-in-class business-oriented services.

Practice Areas

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About Salamas

Salam Abdul Samad Law Firm was established in 2004 in Beirut. Since then, it has grown and became a highly reputable law firm in Lebanon.