A seminar on Immigration updates to Canada, North America and the Caribbean will be held in CEC Sharjah on Sunday, Jan 21st, 2018 at 7:00 to 8:00 PM by Accredited Immigration Advisor Dr. Samad representing Al PACE Firm - Canada.


Presentation on Visa for study, treatment as well as permanent residence, including nationality, within six months.

Free attendance, Semi-free file study


We are expecting to receive calls regarding this issue, all information that what we are authorized to give to the callers is:

1-            Date and time of the seminar and those who interested in attending the seminar should provide us with their Full Name – Mobile Number and Email ID

2-            All their questions will be answered by the advisor Dr. Salaam Abdul Samad.

3-            Reception is requested to prepare a list includes attendees contact details that requested in clause 1

4-            Those who desire in morning Seminar they can register their name and might we give them Monday 22nd Jan at 11:00 AM and confirmation will depend on the numbers of registration

Kindly reply to this Email confirming that you have already received it, if you have any clarification, I will answer your questions before I send the invitation.  


Thanks & Best Regards


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