With Maitre Roy Jreich

It was a pleasure been a guest at Mariam TV, with Me Roy Jreich, where we discussed the weakness of lebanese commercial law, as Me Roy took a copy of my book about the corporate law in Lebanon. Tags : Activities Share :

Chouf Reserve

Due to our experience in the social and legal issues, SALAMAS LAW FIRM have been assigned as the legal advisor of the Chouf reserve, therefore our mission was the following: 1- Make a draft decree to organize the limits and activities of the reserve. 2- Elaborate a legal report of reserve’s activities and its realization. 3- Make a […]

Human Rights

As a recognized establishment, the Salam Abdul Samad Law Firm is dedicated to a variety of national as well as international issues. One of the many significant issues is the question of Palestinian immigration with emphasis on how to advance and protect their refugee rights in Lebanon. Hence, our firm continues to be active in […]