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Grenada Citizenship allows visa-free access to the UK, the European Schengen Area, and uniquely, for holder of a Grenadian passport, visa-free access to Russia and China. Grenadian citizenship also carries the potential for a United States E2 treaty trader visa. This allows you to live and run a business in the United States, once your business plan has successfully undergone rigorous vetting by the US authorities. The E2 is arguably a better prospect for many families than a US Green Card.

Grenada’s Citizenship By Investment Programme remains one of the premium CBI Programmes globally and has been described by the IMF as Gold Standard. Investing in Grenada Real Estate is considered a safe and profitable option. Grenada benefits from direct flights to Europe and lies well below the main hurricane belt.

Interest in Grenada’s CBI Programmes is particularly strong from India and China as well as many Middle Eastern countries. For entrepreneurs and investors from India CBI is appealing as it presents the opportunity to diversify and build assets across two or more nations. Currently more than 15.6 million Indian Immigrants are based overseas and for those who have not yet taken the opportunity to invest in sophisticated overseas investment opportunities, such as CBI, the advantages are clear. Citizenship by Investment provides flexibility, mobility, and the freedom to live and work in an increasingly global environment.

Grenada is an excellent example of agricultural and environmental projects benefiting from CBI Programmes in that country. Oliver Paul, a local agent of the CBI Programme, has been able to see the establishment of his Agro-processing business facilitated under the Programme.

Grenada provides a superb range of options for Citizenship by Investment ranging from excellent and profitable Real Estate to sound investment through their National Infrastructure fund in many long term and sustainable projects.

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