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The General Organization for Encouraging Investments in Lebanon “Edal” is a national body established in the year 1994 with the aim of promoting Lebanon as a vital investment destination and attracting investments to Lebanon, facilitating and preserving its work.
In 2001, the Foundation’s role was strengthened by approving Law No. 360 to encourage investments in Lebanon, which organized investment activity and provided investors with a set of incentives and facilities for projects. Law No. 360 has also defined a group of basic sectors that have growths for growth based on their ability to attract investments and their impact on social and economic growth.

In addition to its role as an investment promotion body, Edal also promotes and marketing Lebanese exports, especially in terms of agricultural products and food industries. Edal has financial and administrative independence, and its reference is the Prime Minister as it is subject to his will.

Investment Services

The “Eden” investment services include:

  • Determining and promoting investment opportunities in Lebanon.
  • Providing information on the market, business, legal frameworks, investments and other information.
  • Defining potential partners in joint projects as well as strategic allies.
  • Facilitating transactions related to registering and issuing the necessary licenses for any investment project.
  • Providing continuous support for investment projects after construction, and submitting suggestions to the Lebanese government on issues related to investment policy.

Investment programs

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